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The ministry


Starting back in 2016 with a small group of girls, Sew Mukwano has always been about empowerment and education. 

We believe that girls can change the world when given the tools to succeed. Girls all over face challenges of many kinds; lack of quality feminine hygiene products and reproductive health education shouldn't stop anyone from reaching their full potential.

The mission

Sew Mukwano exists to provide quality general reproductive health and feminine hygiene education as well as life skills training that work to inspire positive change and empowerment within local and rural communities in Africa.

the women

With our first hub created in 2018 in Gulu, Uganda, we've seen the women involved in our tailoring program thrive and grow. 

Our tailors have been able to provide for their families, purchase land, begin their own farms, sell their own products and produce. 

In addition, our Sew Mukwano tailors make a majority of the pads that are distributed in Uganda to girls in need. They've been able to give back and make a difference in their communities.

Sew Mukwano is a 501(c)(3) organization as designated by the IRS. it exists and is funded by generous donors, like you. Help make a difference and become a partner today.

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