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Mukwano (moo-kwa-no), noun, the Luganda word for friend.

After beginning a small sewing club in 2016 in Uganda that consisted of 6 girls, Sunnee began to see a need for quality feminine hygiene products and how the lack of these things kept these girls from school and going about their normal lives. Sew Mukwano is aimed to reach girls all over Uganda and Africa with quality reproductive health education  and cloth pads while empowering women with sewing skills to facilitate a 'Ugandans reaching Ugandans' service model. Our sewing iniative is based in Gulu, Uganda and currently works with 12 tailors who sew our Sew Mukwano pads, making fair wages, who then distribute the pads to girls within their communities and all over the country. 


We believe that we change the world when we simply meet the needs of another. Sew Mukwano exists to empower girls with reproductive health education, quality cloth pads, meaningful mentorship and the sharing of God's perfect love for us.  

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Sunnee Youmans


Lover of all things family, sewing, Uganda, traveling, love & empowering girls to change the world.

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Mae Nunez


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