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7 easy ways you can make a difference with us RIGHT NOW!

We all want to make a difference and feel like we've done good in this world. We at Sew Mukwano want to share some simple ways that YOU can link arms with what we're doing to make a difference in Uganda and help change the world!

1. Host an Empowered! Drive

Hosting an Empowered! Drive with us is so much fun and is one of the ways we get the items needed to fill our Empowered! kits that we distribute to the girls in Uganda.

Using the resources we provide, you share with your friends and family using social media, email, word of mouth etc about your Empowered! Drive and people are able to purchase our requested items. You decide how long you want your drive to last, how you want to host it (virtually, in-person, or both!), and all the items purchased are shipped right to us. Easy as that!

This is such a fun opportunity for moms & daughters, groups of friends, church groups, you name it!

Click here if you're interested in hosting your own Empowered! Drive today!

2. Shop from our Amazon Smile page

Are you an avid Amazon shopper? Always getting Amazon packages delivered to your door? Well, now you can shop and feel good about it!

Shop from our Amazon Smile page and Sew Mukwano will get a percentage from every purchase you make!

Encourage your family and friends to shop from our Amazon Smile page, too for even more shopping that makes a difference.

3. Sponsor a Kit

Here at Sew Mukwano, our heart is to get 1,000 Empowered! kits to 1,000 girls in 2021. This is a huge goal and every little bit counts. One kit costs $12 and a majority of the components of the kits are sourced and made in Uganda.

Sponsoring a kit for $12 makes more of a difference than you know! You can sponsor a kit and get proper tools to a girl so she can manage her menstruation here.

4. Like and Share us on Social Media

Easy peasy, right?!

See a post from us that inspires you or makes you smile? Like and share it! This sounds simple (maybe a little silly), but it actually helps a ton! Sharing our posts spreads awareness of what we are doing, creates interest with your friends lists and helps grow our audience. It's no secret that comments and engagements on social media boosts the posts and increases the number of people who will see it. So, your engagement has big results in our growth and sharing what we're doing!

Like us on Facebook and on Instagram

5. Volunteer with Us

We are always looking to grow our team! We are looking for top-talent who are passionate about reproductive health education with a heart to learn, grow and be a team player. Our volunteers make our team and make a HUGE difference. We wouldn't be able to operate without our awesome volunteers!

Our open opportunities include Sewing Club Coordinator (Denver, CO and Anywhere, USA), Sewing Volunteers (Anywhere, USA), and Office Administrator (Anywhere, USA).

Check out our Volunteer Opportunities page and fill out the form for more information.

6. Go on a Sew Mukwano Trip

We would LOVE for you to join us on a trip to Uganda and see firsthand how our Empowered! kits coupled with our reproductive health education changes lives. We loving giving our team members the opportunity to be as hands-on as they want to be and dive right in! Our trips are all inclusive and we plan everything from start to finish, making it easy for you! The best part is our trips are life changing and eye-opening. We promise you won't come back the same.

If you are interested in joining us on a trip, click here for more information! We are going to be reaching out soon to those interested in our 2021 trip.

7. Pray!

Here at Sew Mukwano, we covet your prayers more than ANYTHING! We cannot do anything without the Lord, His provision, His creativity, His ideas, His leading and His opening and closing of doors. Please be praying for us! We would love to know that you're praying for us. Feel free to reach out to us anytime with words of encouragement, prayers, whatever via email, comments on our Facebook, etc. We LOVE to hear from you!

We love you and those who have supported Sew Mukwano-whether you've supported us from the start in 2016 or just learned about us and love what we're doing. Either way, we are thankful for you and hope you feel inspired to partner with us and choose one of these ways (or more!) to help make a difference! Remember, every little bit counts <3

If you have any ideas for us, please email me! I would love to hear from you!



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just for fun! me (sunnee) at Revival Worship Centre in Gulu, UG distributing our Empowered! kits for the first time in 2019! We were so proud of this accomplishment <3

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