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Inspiration is crucial in creativity and capability. Inspiration is what makes us strive for more, push through and past comfort zones, and break through barriers that were once seemingly impossible. Here at Sew Mukwano we were able to turn one inkling of an idea into an organization that we are endlessly proud and blessed to be a part of.

Here are a few tips and tricks as how to get inspired:

1. Get connected with nature:

Nature is a fantastic way to get inspired and to overcome creative blocks. Going on hikes, gardening, going for a walk, etc. are great was to detach from technology and become aware of your surroundings. This detox and connection with the outside world allows for a clear mind where new ideas can thrive.

2. Try a creative outlet:

Taking up an artistic hobby, no matter how small, is a great way to get inspired. The more accustomed and willing you are to take up a hobby, the more exciting being productive it. Regardless of the activity - doodling, knitting, sewing, making bracelets, or anything else - settling down and being creative is a great way to get inspired. Similarly, these hobbies are a great way to express inspiration.

3. Journal:

Journaling is an excellent way to get inspired. By being able to categorize and translate our thoughts and emotions into words, we are able to unleash new waves of creativity and inspiration due to a clear and healed mind. Bullet journaling especially is extremely helpful as it intertwines art and writing. A customizable setup promotes organization and ideas in a space that is unique to the individual.

4. Set attainable and exciting goals:

If you've ever found yourself in a mental block, the difficult feeling of getting out of it is well known. Setting small goals that are attainable and achievable are a way to help get through the though times. Set goals such as: making the bed, drinking a glass of water in the morning, sitting and reading/journaling for 30 minutes, or doing yoga. All of these are examples of attainable goals designed to aid productivity and inspiration while also ending mental blocks.

5. Support a cause that you connect to:

Doing something that you are passionate about and aiding organizations with the same views is another great way to get inspired. Some examples include finding solutions to problems, putting forth ideas to expand the organization, and introducing plans for hands-on involvement within communities. With this, join our team through donations or volunteering! Help us give back to the community and leave a lasting positive impact!



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