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Time for Easter

We are ecstatic to announce that we are back for the Easter holiday! If you haven’t heard yet, we’re giving back and hosting another event in Gulu, Uganda! We are beyond grateful to have the opportunity to give 300 kits to the community! The kits are all locally sourced in Uganda and include traditional food, rice, beans, sugar, seeds, and other hygiene products. Stay tuned for more initiatives and updates!

The whole vision behind Sew Mukwano is to empower women in Uganda and create a lasting sustainable solution for girls and women while providing them with quality reproductive health education. This event was a catalyst for us and is truly a game changer for our organization and the people we work to impact.

This is the very first time that everything was able to be sourced by the Sew Mukwano team in Uganda, and everything about this project was 100% sustainable! This is all thanks to everybody who helped run the site, especially Pastor Peter King, his wife Christine, our 5 pad tailors, and 4 leadership and educator members! We would also like to thank our donors for supporting our nonprofit organization. This initiative wouldn't have been possible without you!

Now, we would like to introduce our new campaign. Our goal by the end of 2022 is to get enough funding to produce another 300 menstrual kits. Help us meet our goal by partnering with us today!



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