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"We change the world when we simply meet the needs of another"

$12 can make a difference.

$12 may not seem like very much; however, it's just enough to change the world for a girl by providing her with the proper tools to manage her period. 

When girls don't have what is needed to meet such a basic need, she is obligated to miss school, which leads to her ultimately missing out on learning and her chance to succeed and grow. It can also lead to compromising situations when she is not at a safe place daily, due to her period.

Our Sew Mukwano Empowered! Kit with all the components costs about $12 to put together. 

Would you consider making a difference in the life of one girl and sponsor a kit today?

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Sew Mukwano is a 501(c)(3) organization as designated by the IRS. it exists and is funded by generous donors, like you. Help make a difference and become a partner today. All donations are tax-deductible.

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