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Sustainability & Empowerment is at the heart at everything we do

Since the founding of Sew Mukwano, it's been our heart to make a difference in the communities we are in consistently, by using resources available within and empowering leaders within the community.

Sew Mukwano was founded with an Africans reaching Africans approach; this is why we strive to have all the pads we distribute made in Uganda, and when possible, we source all the kit components from Uganda, too. 

This means being able to provide reproductive health education and make and distribute our kits throughout the year, by our Ugandan team of partners and educators. While the world faced a pandemic, we were able to shift and still get this education and pads distributed, all because of our self-sustainable model. 

Help us continue forward and empower even more girls with this education and necessary tools for menstruation management by sponsoring our next Ugandan-led self-sustainable Kit distribution , happening May 2021!


The cost for this event is $2500. This includes funding for 500 kits, the venue, staff, and everything needed to make this event possible. Partner with us today! 


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