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How we're making a difference


Sew Mukwano partners with local organizations to educate both girls and boys on reproductive health education. We also provide quality feminine hygiene education to young girls in areas where this type of education is desperately needed and at times, neglected. 

Providing the girls with informational booklets, period trackers and the ability to anonymously ask questions at our 'Mukwano Talks', or seminars, we have seen firsthand how this education and information can absolutely change and save lives.


Working with our Sew Mukwano hub in Gulu, Uganda, our group of female entreprenurers sew a majority of our Sew Mukwano reusable cloth pads that we distribute to our girls at our Mukwano Talks. We train tailors how to sew, how to sew the pads and ultimately give them a lifeskill they didn't have before.


We purchase the pads from this group of tailors, which gives them a way to earn a living and provide for their families.

This facilitates our "Africans reaching Africans" approach and is more than making pads for these women; it's a way to give and bless girls who need it the most, creating a circle of empowerment.

This model also creates opportunities for the group of entrepreneurs outside of Sew Mukwano. We have seen these women be able to start their own businesses, purchase land, be the sole provider for their family when need be and also feel a sense of accomplishment. 


At our Mukwano Talk seminars, we not only educate, we distribute our Empowered! kits that include the proper tools our girls need to manage her monthly menstruation. The Sew Mukwano pad is the perfect size and made with the right materials to absorb, protect from leaks and keep her in school, no matter what.

All the components of the Empowered! kit are basic items that promote healthy hygiene habits and menstruation management. Our kits last 2-3 with proper care and are simple to use.

We've seen and believe that our Empowered! kits save lives and make difference.

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