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Want to make a difference, right where you are?

now you can.

Our Empowered! Drive program allows us to partner with girls, women and individuals from anywhere to help us get the items needed to fill out Empowered! kits that we deliver to the girls in Africa.

Participants organize donation drives for individuals to bring in these items needed, such as washcloths, underwear and bar soaps. These donation drives can take place in person at churches/religious organizations, schools, or other public locations, and can simultaneously take place online or only online- you choose! The donation drive can last as long or as short as you'd like, we recommend 2-3 weeks. 

We give you all the marketing materials needed to advertise in-person or to host the drive online. All you do is help spread the word, organize the event and get your friends, family and community involved! 

At the end of the donation drive, we provide you with everything you need to ship the items received to our Sew Mukwano headquarters. From there, they get packed into the kits and delivered to the girls on one of our outgoing Sew Mukwano trips!

Host an Empowered! Drive

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