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Plans Change...

Wow, it's crazy how quickly things change sometimes! And while it can be painful and sad, you have to remember that God knows what He's doing and what His perfect plan is!

After coming home from Uganda in August of last year, I knew that I needed to take a hiatus of sorts. There were some things on my Homefront that needed to be addressed. That was so hard for me because it was like I was making all this progress with Sew Mukwano and going full steam ahead, and the Lord quietly asked me to pause for growth. So I did! Obedience is better than sacrifice and I would rather be in obedience to the Lord and unrighteously serving Him in disobedience. I halted all plans I had to travel back to Uganda. I put my plans with Sew Mukwano on hold. It was sad, my heart was sad. But I knew it was for a purpose!

February came around and I felt this tug on my heart that it might be time to pick it back up. After having a few conversations, I heard of a team going to Uganda to work with another organization that I know of and love. They were serving on a medical Missions trip and going out in late March. I cannot explain how literally everything fell into place, doors swung open and the path emerged for me to join them! It was crazy. I had the funds to go amazingly, in a way that God could have only provided. Just awesome.

And then....Covid-19 hit. With rising concerns to health and travel, the team I was going with postponed. I considered going on my own, but the situation turned bleak when the country of Uganda when on lockdown, turning down travel into the country shortly after.

How could I not feel discouraged! How does any of this make sense? Why would everything just fall into place with such perfection for ultimately the door to be slammed shut in the end?

First, because there is a real enemy who wants nothing more than to stop the plans of the righteous. Jokes on him, because I am not stopping.

Most importantly, however, God's timing reigns supreme.

Even when I don't understand, I have to trust His plans, and His timing.

I am in the palm of His hands. Sew Mukwano and all of my dreams, goals, desires, as much as they honor Him, ultimately rest in His holy plans. There is rest in that!

So, I trust on!

As of now, I have a flexible airfare that is ready to go when He says GO and when Covid-19 simmers down around the world. I am hoping right now for June, however, we shall see.

Please be praying for me and these plans. I will be going over with a few purposes.

Back in October 2019, our Sew Mukwano tailoring shop was broken into. The thieves stole most of the flannel, PUL (special waterproof material to make the pads), a few sewing machines, and other items needed to operate the shop. I am hoping to replace the items stolen. I also want to install cameras to help prevent another break in!

The other focus of this trip is to honestly hear from the Lord. I want to spend time with the ladies in the program, hear from them, listen to what they need, what their ideas are, see what they want to do in the future, and see how we can better partner together. I want to dig deep with them and see what else they have to teach me!

I want to hear more and more God's creative ideas for Sew Mukwano. I want to be led consistently by Him and be instilled with His wisdom on what to do next. I won't be leading a team or bringing anyone with me (strict application process required haha) and I am looking forward to strengthening the relationships I have there in Uganda.

Thank you for your continued love and support. I appreciate all your care. Please keep me, this trip and the girls of Uganda in your prayers!


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